Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Potential Action Research Plan

I am seriously thinking of deviating from my internship plan to a topic that I think I will be more engaged in developing a solution for. I want to find out if the drop out rate for high school seniors is reduced due to the credit recovery course that my high school offers. We call this course (ACE) for Accelerated Credit Education. It is specifically designed to help those students who have had a rough time in a normal classroom setting and who may have failed previous classes or even a whole year. I think it is of critical importance for two reasons: 1) the students that want to drop out, as we all know, put themselves at a great disadvantage for gaining a great job and living a successful life. Most of the time they get a minimum or slightly higher paying job and they think that is answer to their money problems and life will be pretty easy. 2) It helps keep money in the district by keeping students in school. I believe doing an action research study on this topic would be beneficial in helping solving the dropout rate for our school and hopefully help another school to decide to implement this course into their curriculum.

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  1. I think your idea sounds very do-able. It also sounds like something worth researching. I've never really thought about keeping money in the district. Good luck!