Thursday, January 24, 2013

5301 Week 2 Reflection

In my week 2 reading from "The Passions That Drive Your Journey"
I learned I will be in charge of my own growth and development as a leader of educators. As a principal I  will also be given the responsibility of facilitating the learning and professional growth of the teachers in my school.
Because of the current pressures on teachers these days with high-stakes testing, local, state, and national mandates, as well as keeping up with individual student needs, teachers are leaving the profession in waves. So it is very important that we as principals keep the growth and careers of our teachers alive and growing. I also learned that prinicipals who keep teachers on their toes and energized keep the learning vibrant and more exciting for the students.


  1. So many teachers do move on to other professions because of the pressures that come with the territory. I think having a principal that is positive and makes teaching positive, can help keep some of the good teachers around.

  2. I agree John, I think principals totally set the tone in the school. My principal has been very good about providing us planning time throughout the school day about three times a year and our faculty meetings consist of smaller teams (vertical teams) most of the time and then we meet together as a whole when needed.

  3. Good point about being in charge of your own growth and development. This is true as administrators and teachers. Obviously you are working towards the next level of growth by getting your masters. Many teachers use excuses for not keeping up with the ever changing world of education. But they could be less stressed if they'd take control of their growth and inquire about professional development sessions that could help them advance and keep up with all the changes.

  4. I agree that there is burn out for teachers more than ever. The testing demands along with all the other demands are keeping teachers so busy! It's hard keeping on top of everything, but must be done for the sake of the children. It's good that people like you who have a positive attitude are wanting to be principals. You can make the needed changes!
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