Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Action Research Plan

Action Planning Template

Determine how effective our policies, procedures, and consequences are at
motivating our students to get to class on time and receive adequate education.

Action Steps
Needed Resources
Research the average number of tardies we have per day on our campus. Break that information down to each individual grade level as well.
John Thompson
Dianne Schmidt

February 2013-June 2014
Tardy referrals
Determine if the number of
tardies increase
or decrease
during the year.
Determine if there
is a major different
in the class grades
and if there is a
difference in
grade levels.
Research the number of students that continue to arrive late for class after receiving consequences.
John Thompson
John Martin
February 2013- June 2014
Tardy referrals

Determine if the consequences adequately
deter students
from arriving
late to class.
Survey teachers to determine what percentage of commitment there is to assigning consequences to students who arrive late to class
John Thompson
Various teachers
February 2013-June 2014
Survey distributed to various teachers.
Observation of various teachers.
Determine if teachers are consistent in enforcing our
current tardy
Research the effectiveness of “tardy sweeps” Are they working or should we take another avenue.
John Thompson
Dianne Schmidt
Various teachers
February 2013-June 2014
Tardy referrals
Opinion poll distributed to various teachers
Determine if
tardy sweeps minimize class disruptions
caused by
students who
arrive late.
Research tardy policies at other schools to see what steps are effective and what isn't working.
John Thompson

February 2013-June 2014
Tardy policies from other school districts
Compare tardy policies from
other schools to determine if
there are ideas
for incentives or consequences
that we can implement on
our campus.


  1. Looks good, John! I'll be interested to see if your school has more first period tardies where the kids are late arriving to school OR if more of your tardies are from loitering in the hallways.

  2. Yes, I agree, looks good. I will be interested to see if the teachers are following through :) I also like that you are going to research other policies... why reinvent the wheel!

  3. Your action research is looking good. I hope that you don't have any problems with the gathering of the data. Some teachers are busy and don't like having to do another task. Passing out the surveys may be done at the end of an already planned teacher meeting to eliminate the problem of teachers not getting back to you. Good luck with your research.
    Mine is if you would like to comment!

  4. Sounds good. Maybe you could add in a step where you give a short presentation at a meeting where you go over the benefits of your study with the teachers if there is not much commitment after the survey.